About the Company

Vaalia Lélek® L’essence was birthed in marrying art and the incredible healing and restorative properties of plants. An artist creates not so much because they want to. Rather, because something comes alive inside of them and they can do nothing but. Part intellect, part imagination, mostly heart, the work of an artist cannot exist without the mark of their very soul.

Vaalia Lélek® L’essence is a line of completely natural skin care products with a love for perfumery at their core. A perfume’s scent is determined by the melding of its notes, just like the individual notes of a song make up the melody. A perfume is composed of top notes, heart notes and base notes. The top note in a perfume is its first impression but lasts the least amount of time and is what initially draws one to a perfume. The heart note is what one smells after the top note has evaporated. The base note is the last scent to become apparent and is what lingers for hours. While the heart and base notes comprise the “essence” of a perfume it is essentially the lingering aroma of the base note that ties one to a particular scent for life. 

Vaalia Lélek® L’essence Top Notes

All Vaalia Lélek® L’essence products are handcrafted with essential oils. The chemical make-up of essential oils is responsible for their highly therapeutic effects on the body both topically and internally. 

Like it or not, what is put on the skin gets absorbed into the body. Synthetic chemicals in conventional skin care products have only one action while a single essential oil can play many different therapeutic roles. By their very nature, all essential oils are antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Because the oils are natural substances they tend to go only where they are needed, and provide only the action needed to help restore the body’s natural balance. In contrast, synthetic chemicals often interrupt the body’s homeostasis because it forces an action based upon the chemical’s make-up, not on what the body needs.

Vaalia Lélek® L’essence Heart Notes

Vaalia Lélek® L’essence skin care products have been created by a heart that wants to see people live out their Original Design. 

One aspect of our Original Design is that we were made to radiate beauty. By eliminating synthetic chemicals, which disrupt the body’s natural balance, and by utilizing the intelligence of plants we can restore the body’s natural balance and feed the skin while providing constituents that facilitate healing and restoration.

Vaalia Lélek® L’essence Base Notes

Each essential oil is composed of a unique array of chemical constituents from over 3,000 aromatic molecules. Each of these constituents has specific therapeutic effects upon the body and is responsible for an essential oil’s synergistic impact on health.

The superior healing properties of essential oils can regenerate tissues, both topically and internally, because: 

~The lipophilic nature of essential oils allows them to be easily absorbed through permeable places on the skin’s surface, where they then enter the bloodstream and are carried throughout the body administering their healing properties to internal sites. The internal health of the body affects the outward health of the skin. 

~When used topically on the skin they have the ability to heal, revitalize and regenerate the skin’s tissues and correct imbalances of the skin. 

~The aromatic molecules of an essential oil enter the nose and reach the olfactory bulb, which transmits signals to the limbic system of the brain. The limbic system is made up of the amygdyla and the hippocampus. The amygdyla mediates our emotions and the hippocampus is responsible for our memory. Together they control our emotional, hormonal, metabolic, and stress responses thus impacting health.

About the Founder

Vaalia Lélek® L’essence was founded by Emily Tavis, Aesthete. An Aesthete is one who evokes a great sensitivity to beauty. For Emily it is not enough to simply be sensitive to beauty. She has to feel it, she has to touch it to contemplate it, to understand it and behold it so that she can encapsulate it and show it to the world.

Emily’s favorite materials to work with are raw and natural forms, tangible or abstract, whose beauty often gets overlooked.
See Emily’s story below to hear how she ended up in the natural skin care business.

Emily’s Story:

After living with a debilitating mystery illness for a number of years and experiencing a continuous deterioration of her health and quality of life the source was finally determined to be a parasite. Having found only temporary relief in conventional meds she delved into the world of natural health even though at that time she remained skeptical. Over the course of six months a mixture of herbs known to eliminate parasites rid her body of the invaders and she figured that if the body could be healed naturally then it could also be rebuilt naturally. Here began her journey of natural health and naturally, as this spread into every part of her lifestyle she began creating her own plant-based skin care products.

After a tenure in finance, she headed to southern California to get some space to create and figure out what was next for her. Everywhere she went people kept commenting on her skin and asking what they could do for theirs. Before she knew it she was handcrafting products for family and friends and Vaalia Lélek® L’essence was born. 

She chose to handcraft her skin care products with essential oils because of their incredible ability to heal the body both internally and externally. Watching essential oils transform her skin restoring it to a state it hadn’t been in years she knew that she was holding something too wonderful to keep to herself. 

With the effects of her essential oil based products so apparent and all things “natural” currently in high demand, she knows that she could price her products similarly to high end skin care products currently on the market, but for her it is more important that everybody have access to healthy and effective skin care products.

Company Culture

Vaalia Lélek means nurture the soul in Finnish and Hungarian, which is Emily’s heritage. One of Emily’s predominate passions is to facilitate, through her life and her skills, a return of humanity to their Original Design. Believing that it is only when each of us is living in a way that is aligned with our handcrafting that our soul is nurtured and we can find the fulfillment that we are inherently driven to seek. 

With nurturing the soul at its very core, the corporate structure of Vaalia Lélek® L’essence was set up to be a vehicle for its team to thrive within themselves while having a hand in creating something amazing. In seeking out each team members’ Original Design and placing them in a position that allows them to function by their Design it creates an opportunity for continuous development both within themselves and the company, allowing them a sense of ownership and pride for the part that they play in building Vaalia Lélek® L’essence. 

Being that Vaalia Lélek® L’essence is first and foremost a creative venture the company places great value on being creative in every aspect of the business from product development to marketing and web design. We encourage our employees to be the facilitators of this creativity.

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