Emily Tavis – Founder & Creative Director

Emily studied psychology with the intent of going to law school but just before matriculating realized that a career in law just wasn’t it for her. Trusting that she would end up exactly where she was supposed to be she threw her hands in the air and her "plan" right out the door, and landed in the middle of mergers and acquisitions. 

In the middle of her tenure in the finance world an artist emerged from within her. Painstakingly she journeyed the very unconventional life that embracing this part of her self propelled her into. All the while the pressure to continue on with her life in a "business as usual" sort of way was looming large. 

How does one go from finance to art and then find oneself in natural skin care? For her, it has been an incredible journey of nurturing her own soul and trusting in and taking hold of the places this took her, both within her self and within the realities of life. 

For the sole reason of not allowing her self to die inside, the time came when the creative needed to occupy the majority of her life so she quit her finance job, gave up her NYC apartment and went to California to get some space to create and to see what was next. Not three weeks after she touched down in California Vaalia Lélek® had begun.

In addition to founding Vaalia Lélek® L’essence, Emily also has a consulting business by which she creates strategies to make Extraordinary Living an Ordinary Thing and in so doing helps people change the shape of their life to one that is sustainable and sustaining. 

Emily is also a writer and an artist. Her art is activating and engaging all of the senses while telling a story with the effect of bringing wholeness to the mind, body and spirit. Emily believes nurturing the soul to be a vital part of achieving wholeness and is at the heart of everything that she does or creates whether it is abstract or tangible.

Melissa Tavis – Head of Production

Melissa’s first passion was teaching children, After a 33 year career as a school teacher she has begun to delve into the other things that pull at her heart. That would be mosaics big and small. The running joke is that she covers every available surface of her house with mosaics and then has to move so she can do it all again.

One day Melissa called her daughter Emily for a remedy for the arthritis pain that had plagued her for years. Afraid, though desperate at this point, of some disgusting herbal concoction that her daughter would make her drink, she was relieved that the essential oil potion she concocted for her could be applied to her feet daily. Thinking this “natural stuff” was probably a lot of hype she figured she had nothing to loose and tried it. Within six weeks 75% of the pain was gone, and in a few more weeks she was pain free. 

With this success under her belt she told her daughter to use her as a guinea pig for her other products. After using the Restoring Face Serum for a few months, while out with her daughter someone told Melissa that they now knew where her daughter got her beautiful skin. The immediate reply was, “Actually, Emily is where I got my beautiful skin.” 

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